How to Write Flash Games - A Guide to Flash Game Development

Online games have become increasingly popular in recent years. While the demand for new games continues to increase, the number of developers seems to remain relatively static. The reason is perhaps that the flash game development requires, as a wide range of skills.

Of course, to games flash competence is required in Flash, but that is not enough. A good developer of flash games require knowledge of programming, graphical capabilities, audio capabilities, not a good analytical, methodical approach to call through problems, and patience to see a project to completion. Here is an overview of how a developer might address the problem of writing a flash game from scratch.

Planning and Design

Games are complex application programs. Even a small puzzle game written in Flash probably several main screens or game states several movie clips that can be nested (which several appointments), one or more files and possibly Actionscipt ActionScript scripts, graphics contain either the flash or bitmap or vector formats and audio files to be integrated.

With so many items that are sitting at a computer with Open Flash and start code is very unlikely to achieve a satisfactory result. Every time I start writing a new game I first start with a pen and paper, first with a description of how I to the letter, go to the game, with playlists and begins main feature, and then with the list of required assets. Only then, once I. A good idea of ​​how the game is written and then I start to collect assets, and enter the game

Mock Up

Once the design has been established, the next step is to write a mock game in flash. The idea of ​​this step is to write the code in Flash for the game operates without worrying too much about how the game looks. I often use graphics placeholders in this phase, which can then be replaced with graphics produced by an artist, and unless it's part of the game, I leave the full audio output.

Graphics and Sound

Once the model has been written and tested, the next step is to integrate the graphics and audio. If the design phase completed check carefully the graphics and audio, artists can produce graphics, while the model is created (if the developer does not create the graph itself). This allows graphics and audio, and easy to integrate relatively quickly, and the game is now fully tested again.

Finishing touches

Only after the game is almost finished, put the finishing touches such as the introduction and the end of the level monitors or bias can be added. This makes it possible to have tests not to have much faster and simpler than Tester repeatedly parasites intro screens.

As we have seen, is a flash game to take on a complicated project. But with careful planning and by breaking the project size modules essentially a competent Flash developer can easily attack the little projects alone games, especially when they have the help of an artist for graphics and audio.

If you have a game written from the ground then re-consider before you make changes to an existing first. This will give you work experience in games, and the confidence of major projects from the ground up in the future.

Write Flash games can be a very rewarding skills both intellectually and financially, but the fight against excessive project is too early, a common mistake. If you write in Flash games are new start small and learn a flash game in the right direction before they write to larger projects!

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